About Karen Sebesta

Karen is a resident of Hudson, WI (native Minnesotan) who has a love for the art of the Southwest.  She has always been drawn to pottery made by the native people of Mexico and the Southwestern United States — particularly the smooth feel and rich color of the highly polished black pottery and the carvings and textures used to decorate the vessels.  A potter for over 30 years, 1999 marked a style shift from wheel thrown vessels to the hand built, burnished pottery native to the southwest and Mexico.  This included studying with master potters from Colorado and Mexico, where she learned the native traditions including: making clay, coil building, polishing and firing.  

From making clay to using unique firing processes, the creation of Sebesta pottery is a labor-intensive partnership with her husband, Dave.  To attain a smooth clay body, Dave produces several colors of clay which are utilized for high polish and black-fired pieces.  Over the years, Karen has studied various pit-firing processes for blackening the pottery and using horse-hair to create singed lines on the light-colored pieces.  In addition to these techniques, Karen has also  developed her own firing process to achieve rich, earth-tone finishes.  To compliment the pottery, Dave creates unique steel and leather display stands.   Karen’s work can be found in galleries in Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.